Best Parks in Frankston

Ballam Park

Ballam Park is one of Frankston’s largest parks. With over thirty hectares of open space, it is an ideal place for a family day out. There are two large playgrounds, a skate park, a basketball half-court, a multitude of sporting ovals and extensive walking paths. The park has plenty to offer for families, and it’s a great choice for a great day out.

There are two large playgrounds at Ballam Park. The eastern playground is a popular spot for younger kids. It features a network of ramps, climbing apparatus, and slides. The western playground has a sheltered picnic table, water taps, and an elaborate bar set up.

Ballam Park even features a historic home from the 1850s. The Frankston Historical Society operates the homestead, which offers tours of the estate.

Dog owners will find Ballam park a great place to exercise their dogs with lots of walking tracks. They can also exercise their dogs in the dog agility course located in the park near the Homestead.

For Directions to the park from our office click here

The dog agility courser in Ballam Park is a great place to practise your dog's agility or exercise them

George Pentland Botanic Gardens

Located in Frankston, Victoria, George Pentland Botanic Gardens is a hidden oasis of greenery. It offers an array of plants, wildlife, and a playground for kids. Making it suitable for different types of park goers. The gardens have an abundance of Australian native plants. Visitors can enjoy the ever-changing botanic displays and relax on the grassy hills. This diversity of plant life attracts many species of birdlife and other wildlife to the gardens.

For families the gardens are a great place to gather because of the large playground, undercover shelters, picnic tables and benches, BBQs and toilet facilities, in addition to grassed areas for playing sport.

For those seeking solitude you’ll be able to find a little quiet nook in the park to relax and immerse yourself in the amazing variety of Australian native plants. The gardens provide a little oasis and is a wonderful way to spend a day in nature, reading, meditating or relaxing and escaping the hustle and bustle of city life. 

For directions to George Pentland Botanic Gardens from our office click here 

George Pentland Botanic Gardens in Frankston are a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the natural setting

Frankston Foreshore Playground

Located on the waterfront reserve, the Frankston Regional Foreshore Playground has two elevated walkways which dominate the play area. The top one is a high bridge that kids can climb, while the lower one has a spiral slide and dual wave slides.

The Frankston Regional Foreshore Playground is a fantastic option for families. It offers a variety of play activities for children of all ages. Nearby, there is the Frankston Waterfront Reserve, a large stretch of beach with a boardwalk which starts from Oliver’s Hill in the North and Goes to Frankston Pier in the North.

The playground is well maintained, and separate play areas allow kids to play in their own way. There are plenty of trees in the area for climbing, and the beach is clean and family friendly.

The Foreshore playground connects to the Frankston boardwalk which starts here

Directions to Frankston Pier from Our Office

Beauty Park

Located in the heart of Frankston, the beautiful and picturesque Beauty Park is easily accessible via public transport. The train station is just a one-kilometer walk away as well as being easily accessible via bus. You’ll find semi-abstract sculptures by Deborah Halpern which have become the park favourite for locals and tourists alike for more nearly 20 years.

A popular destination for locals and visitors alike, Beauty Park offers a variety of recreational activities. Among the attractions in the park are a new art, craft, food and culture market held each month in the beautiful central lake. The event is free and includes the work of local makers, and creators, as well as live music and live entertainment.

Is beauty-park Frankston’s best?

Beauty park is a fantastic place to shop, dine, and enjoy a day in the sun. 

Best Parks in Frankston

Frankston Victoria, has many great parks and sporting ovals. That’s one of the features why so many families decide to live here or visit the area. No matter what you’re looking for in a park at least one of Frankston’s many parks will cater to what you’re after. Interested to know more about Frankston? Why not check out our article about 4 Historical Landmarks in Frankston.



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