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Looking for a Local Frankston SEO Expert?

We’re based right here in Frankston in our co-working space on Kitson st, but we also provide expert local SEO services to businesses across Australia and NZ.

Why work with Beeline?

Your local SEO company Frankston?

We’re a small local business that actually cares about providing long term sustainable results for our clients. Instead of quick but temporary results which many big SEO agencies are guilty of doing, or worse not providing any tangible results. These are some of the many benefits of working with Beeline your local web design and local SEO specialist.

Proven Results

We’ve helped Aussie and Kiwi businesses get more new customers through our local SEO services. We’ve helped businesses across multiple industries including: real estate, automotive, trades, events, fitness, beauty and more. If you’re looking for more local customers there’s a good chance we can help you achieve that through our local seo or lead generation services.

White Hat SEO

We only employ white hat (Google approved) SEO tactics which ensures long term success even when Google rolls out their periodic algorithm updates. Sure, you can experience short term success implementing black hat methods but it’s not something we do. We prefer to provide our clients the peace of mind of doing things right and by the books.

We're a small and that's the way we like it

We only ever work with a handful of SEO clients at any given time. This ensures we give each client the time and resources required to obtain substantial results. Unfortunately, this is not an industry wide practice. Many large SEO digital marketing agencies have hundreds of clients with each seo “campaign manager” managing 20+ clients at any one time. Meaning very little individual attention is given to each client.

Affordable SEO services in Frankston

Whilst we may not be the cheapest SEO agency in Frankston we do believe we are the best value. We understand that you need to see a substantial return on your investment with your SEO campaign. We are 100% dedicated to bringing results by targeting keywords which are valuable and will result in more sales. Having said that we understand that many start ups and solo entrepreneurs may lack the capital required for a small business SEO campaign. That’s why we provide local lead generation services for select clients.

No lock in contracts

If for whatever reason you want to cease your SEO campaign with Beeline you simply have to provide us with 30 days notice. No lock in contracts so you can leave whenever and for whatever reason you like.

Advantages of SEO 

for local businesses in Frankston

More Quality Customers

Unlike social media, SEO targets red hot prospective customers who are ready to buy and actively looking for the products and services your business offers.

Long Term Results

Unlike paid ads, you’ll continue to receive leads and quality customers even after cease your SEO campaign.

More Bang For you Buck

SEO typically provides a greater return on investment compared to traditional marketing and advertising methods. Which means you get more customers for the same budget. 

SEO Frankston

Our Local SEO Process

Get started receiving local customers with our proven 5 step SEO process


Tell us about your business goals and what you want from your SEO campaign. If we feel our skills & abilities can assist you achieve those goals we invite you to work with us

Website Audit

We’ll perform a comprehensive audit of your website & Google my business account to identify existing SEO issues and opportunities

SEO Strategy

We perform extensive keyword and competition reasearch to create an effective SEO strategy


We implement the strategy created to help your website get found by your customers

Get Results

You reap the benefits of SEO by getting new customers contacting you directly


What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) refers to making alterations to a website to make it more recognisable and favourable to search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. The more relevant, high quality, authoritative, and trustworthy a website is in the eyes of a search engine, the higher it will rank for relevant search terms which your customers use to find products and services your business provides.

SEO can be broken down into: On page SEO which is related to content on your website, in addition to off page SEO which is related to content on other websites.

How can SEO marketing help my business?

When your website is Search Engine Optimised it is recognised as a relevant, high quality, authoritative & a trusted website. When this happens search engines will move the pages of your website higher up their ranking hierarchy meaning your business will get more highly targeted exposure increasing the likelihood that your customer will access your service or buy your product instead of going to your competitor. To put it simply:

SEO website = higher ranking = more traffic = more customers = more $$$ 

How long does SEO take to work?

Getting a local business website to rank well in search engines is an ongoing process typically taking anywhere between 2 -18+ months depending on the competitiveness of the keywords targeted.

We can apply a number of strategies to make your website rank higher in search engines, meaning more potential customers will be visiting your site and buying your products or accessing your services. In the website design process, we implement SEO foundational principles in the design process to give your business a head start. 

The closer your website is to the top of the search engine rankings, the better. Think about the last time you searched up something on Google and looked at what results were appearing on page 6? If your business is not appearing on the front page of Googles search results, it’s next to invisible online.

If your website is not ranking highly on search engines you’re missing out on so many potential customers!

How does an SEO agency optimise a website?

Our local SEO services are based on simply giving the search engines and the user’s what they’re looking for.

  • Relevant Content using Keywords and Phrases that your customers are typing into search engines, or speaking to virtual assistants (Siri, Aexa, Cortana etc.) in the front end of the site as well as in the background of your site
  • Regular high quality content to keep your website and business fresh and relevant in the eyes of search engines, your site is well looked after! This also keeps customers and readers engaged with your business and helps to build trust with the customers.
  • Internal and external link building to build trust in your site as one with authority

What about Google ads?

Google ads and other pay per click advertising schemes are an effective way of getting instant traffic, as it takes time for a website to organically rank on search engines (without paying for adds).

When using pay per click ad campaigns you do get some of the top listing positions for specified keywords, however the downside of this method is that most people scroll passed the ads and go straight for the organic website listings. In fact one study found the average click through rate of Google Ads was a were 3.17%.

On top of that, pay per click advertising can be very costly, depending on your keyword. Some keywords are $40+ per click, even if the user doesn’t even make an enquiry! As you can see the cost can quickly add up over time. To make things worse, as soon as you stop your ad campaign your website could become invisible online unless it’s organically ranking well.

A highly ranked organic listing on the other hand can provide a greater flow of leads and customers but without the associated cost and on a long term basis. If you’re after leads straight away both strategies can be implemented (adds & SEO) simultaneously. If you decide to choose one strategy, then in the long run it’s much better to have your site ranking highly on search engines organically.

If you’re serious about getting more customers, SEO must be part of your online marketing strategy

What about social media ads?

SEO and Google ads are a form of intention based marketing where the audience is actively looking for a solution to their problem (your business) and they’re ready to buy.

Social media marketing is a form of interruption based marketing where the audience is not actively looking for a solution to their problem (your business). The audience may not even be aware of the problem. Leads from social media advertising are generally much lower quality because of this and require much greater time and resources to nuture until a sale is made.

Having said that social media ads can be an effective form of advertising for specific industries and businesses. It all depends on the business, the audience or customers and how you wish to engage them.

How much does SEO cost in Frankston?

Whether your located in Frankston or anywhere else in Australia the cost of SEO will vary depending on various factors as there are many variables. Including the scale of the project, volume of keywords targeted, competitiveness of keywords targeted, and the scope of work required. As a rough ball park figure, generally you can expect to pay between $800 – $5000+ per month for SEO services. 

Not all SEO services are equal and going for the cheapest SEO service provider in Melbourne may not be the best value considering they may only do half the work of the typical SEO service provider. At the end of the day SEO should not be viewed as a cost, rather it should be viewed as an investment.  It doesn’t matter how cheap the SEO is if it doesn’t bring results, it’s not worth it. Conversely if you pay $2500 per month yet the results bring in tens of thousands of dollars each month then it represents excellent value.

If you would like to find out about how much it costs for our SEO services then contact us today for a free quote.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Unfortuneatly there are no guarantees when it comes to SEO. This is because although we can control the changes, additions, and backlinks we make to your site, however, the end result (where your website appears in the search results) is not within our direct control. The time it takes to get a site to the first page of Google varies considerably depending on numerous factors outside of our control.

Having said that, we have helped 100% of our SEO clients receive increased Google rankings and subsequently increased customers through our services. Unlike large digital marketing agencies we are very selective with the clients we choose to work with. We do not offer our services to clients unless we’re very confident that we can deliver meaningful results and provide an excellent return on their investment.

If you’ve come across an SEO agency that claims to offer a guarantee (like guaranteed ranking in 90 days or less) be very wary as they may end up wasting your time and budget ranking your site for a search term related to your business, but one which does not result in sales. Additionally, they may be using black hat SEO tactics which may prove effective in the short term but carries enourmous risk long term.

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