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We’re based midway down the Mornington Peninsula in Frankston on the outskirts of Melbourne, but we provide local lead generation services to businesses across Australia.

What is Local Lead Generation?

Local lead generation is a unique marketing solution we provide for Aussie local businesses. Here’s how it works. We create a website that represents the type of business you operate in the area you operate (at no cost to you). We implement Search Engine Optimisation to get the website showing up in the Google search results, again at no cost to you.

Your prospective customers find the website on Google. They make an enquiry, or ask for a quote, or request to make a booking (whatever the term is in your industry). We send all enquiries directly to you. You only pay for results that we bring you.

Curious to know how much leads are worth to your business? Click here to view our lead calculator.  

lead generation company Melbourne

Advantages of our Lead Generation Services

for local Aussie businesses

Only Pay for Results

Avoid the uncertainty associated with traditional marketing and advertising methods. Return on Investment (ROI) is clear, transparent, and is all but guaranteed.

Exclusive leads

Relax we won’t sell the same lead to multiple competing business like some of the big pay per lead platforms. All leads sent directly to you.

No Upfront Costs

Perfect for sole traders and companies with limited marketing budgets. 

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Why Work with us? The Beeline Difference

Your local Melbourne Lead Generation Agency

We’re a small local business that actually cares about providing long term sustainable results for our clients. We seek to provide ongoing exceptional value for our clients and create long term mutually beneficial business relationships.

High Quality Leads

Because the leads come from Google users looking for a service you provide in the location you provide it, means they’re high quality ready to buy customers.

Exceptional Value

Our lead generation partners stick with us for the long term because we provide exceptional value.

Tailored to Your Business

We tailor the website to suit your business, resulting in more refined leads. If you want to expand your business into new locations or services the website can reflect that.

Small Business Care

One point of contact. You’ll be taken care of, not palmed off endlessly to another department.

Want to Dial up your Revenue?

Our Local Lead Generation Process

Get started receiving local customers with our proven 3 step lead gen process


Tell us about your business and your goals. If we feel our skills & abilities can assist you achieve those goals we invite you to work with us

Create & Rank

We create a lead generation website to attract the type of customers you want. We perform SEO on the site to help it get found on Google. You pay nothing for this. There are no setup fees.

Get Results

You reap the benefits of our work by receiving leads from the website. You only pay for results. No hidden fees

Lead Generation FAQs

What is lead generation?

Lead generation or lead gen refers the the marketing strategy of attracting and nuturing prospective customers. Our lead generation strategy involves targeting customers who are ready to buy and actively looking for a suitable business.

What is a lead?

A lead is any person who indicates interest in a product or service your business offers and takes action to contact you.

How long does lead generation take to work?

Our lead generation strategy is founded upon SEO so it can vary significantly depending on numerous factors such as the competitiveness of the industry and the target location among other factors.

Sometimes we can start receiving leads within a few days other times it can take months. Depending on the situation we may run paid ads as well.

What are the up front costs?

There are none!

What are the ongoing costs?

The ongoing costs depend upon three factors: The quantity of leads you receive, the types of leads you receive, the nature of the arrangement.

We’re not a large lead generation company with strict policies and structures. We’re a small local business so we’ve got the flexibility to structure a win-win deal. We’re open to accommodating the needs of our clients and negotiating deals which works for both parties. 

Can lead generation help my business?

It may very well be the best form marketing for your business. However, lead generation is not a one size fits all strategy and may not be a suitable strategy for some businesses. To see if your business is a good fit and qualifies for our local lead gen services then contact us today to find out.

Are the leads sold to other businesses?

No. Leads are sent exclusively to our client/partner business.

Unlike other lead generation companies or online pay per lead platforms, like Hi Pages or Bark which sell the same lead to multiple businesses.

How is lead generation different to other forms of advertising?

With lead generation you only pay for the leads you get. This removes almost all risk associated from traditional marketing and advertising campaigns. The return on your investment is all but guaranteed.

There is a small risk that if you’re unable to convert a high enough percentage of the leads into paying customers that you’ll end up in the red. However with the quality of leads we provide and the exceptional value of our pricing structure it’s nearly impossible to not experience tremendous value, and make a minimum of 2-3x return on your investment when working with us.

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